Keyceive is the service for travelers to collect and return keys of rental rooms anytime from the smart key box after they paid for the room fee without meeting with room owners.

Traveler problem:

1. Travelers who just arrived in the country might not have a sim card to call room owners.

2. Travelers cannot communicate with room owners due to the language barrier.

3. Travelers have to wait for room owners to give and collect the key.

4. Travelers cannot access to the room directly. They have to pass a few access control systems at the main gate or elevators.

Condo and apartment owner problems:

1. Amount of empty condominium and apartment worldwide do not yet open for the daily rental because most room owners do not have time to meet traveler when check-in and check-out due to their full-time job.

2. Room owners are in difference places, city or even countries and would like to leave their rooms for rental.

3. Room owners take a lot of time to find the meeting place with travelers.

4. Room owners who are local people cannot communicate with foreign travelers.

5. Room owners have no system to manage their revenue.

6. Cannot use a mobile phone to open an electronic door lock because there is a condo key card.  


Room booking app/ web/ agent problem:

1. Cannot expand their market because room owners are not available to meet traveler.

2. The agent has to hire key keeper and manage by their team.