Sales engineer and Sales executive (Electronic & IoT products)

Sales engineer/ Sales executive (Electronic & IoT products) You have an exciting opportunity to join product design & technology company as sales engineer (IoT & electronic products). You will be part of the expanding sales team which is responsible to providing technical expertise, technical specifications, and demonstration of current company own products and Internet-of-things (IoT) […]

Accounting and BOI

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Accounting Daily enter key data of financial transactions in database. Responsible calculate VAT/land using tax/property tax /stamp tax/other withholding tax. Review the accuracy of the payment documents, the calculation and approval, as well as verify the accuracy with the rules and regulations related to the company. Ensure compliance with relevant laws and […]

Procurement and Logistic (IoT & Electronics)

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Procurement Sourcing information of requisition/purchased items in localize and domestic (Related with Industrial, Automotive, Electronic parts) Manage supplier’s performance to achieve required quality and on-time delivery Coordinate about negotiating with suppliers and handle assessment, Request for quotation from supplier and evaluation supplier performance Implement and manage cost savings ideas and develop and […]